Every one of us is capable of hurting or upsetting another person. It takes much effort to live once confronted with these 10 behaviors, but it is worth trying.

Photo: Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side because it’s fake.

The result you’ll achieve is a far happier and fulfilling life than the one you’re leading at the moment. And a happy life is every person’s greatest wish, right?

  1. Being jealous of everyone and everything

Don’t let jealousy build up and settle in your mind. If it is already there, at least try not to let it pull you down. This is your life, your path, your choice, it is not a contest. If you want to measure your progress, then you should compare yourself to your own version of one, two or five years ago.

  1. Taking things, even the smallest trifle, personally

The truth is the following: what people say about you, says more about them. Whenever they tell you that you are wonderful or simply you “are not good” at something, learn to understand that it personally doesn’t change anything for you. That is just people’s own point of view. Their good or bad impression. Keep following intuition and wisdom.

  1. Playing the victim repeatedly

Another toxic behavior that makes others believe they have greater power over your life than you personally have. When you stop complaining and quit seeing yourself as a helpless victim, you will realize that you are much more powerful than you thought.

  1. Analyzing other people’s negativity

You cannot change negative people or plant positive thoughts in their minds. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean you should subdue your own positive thoughts just because they said something to you or behaved in a certain way. Open your mind for greater things.

  1. Lack of emotional self-control

There’s no need to stress out when a glass of juice spills on the carpet or start crying when your favorite cup gets broken. Happy life involves self-control. Having control over your emotions is the best thing you can do.

  1. Jumping to conclusions about others

Don’t judge others according to what you see. Remember, that is the image they want you to see. Leave some space and time to make conclusions and decisions. You don’t have to know everything now right away. This way you’ll save yourself from great stress and pain.

  1. Unkindness

Lack of empathy and courtesy is a terrible combination. That way you become one of those toxic people everyone is running away from.

  1. Betrayal/Cheating in every possible way

Betrayal or cheating is a choice, not a mistake, and even less an excuse. If you’ve decided to betray (a partner or a friend) and you have succeeded, then you shouldn’t think that the other person is stupid and deceived. Instead, you should realize that you are unworthy of the trust that person had in you. Be bigger than betrayal and low desires.

  1. A need for constant approval and compliments

There are so many greater things you can do in life and with life, rather than falling into a trap of constant praise and prominence. Learn that it is most important to appreciate the progress of your personal growth and development yourself first, and then the others.

  1. Persistent, stubborn perfectionism

We are not people if we do not make mistakes. For this reason, perfectionism borders with hypocrisy. You cannot and believe us, you don’t want to have a perfect house, job, ideal partner and friend. The problem is that they don’t exist. But, if you think you have them, then something is seriously wrong. Open your mind for wonderful imperfections.

And remember: Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side for a simple reason – it’s fake.