10 Cool Ideas for Your Home You’ll Want to Try Right Away

We all want our homes to look and feel nice and cozy. Every day, we buy all sorts of things and come up with new ideas about how to make the space we live in more beautiful and more comfortable.

The following several cool ideas will bring an exquisite flow of freshness and happiness under your roof. Colorful flower vases, shelves made out of pallets or magnet cups which can stick to the fridge, so that your little ones can help themselves without troubles.

Perhaps you need a fresh new idea on how to store toilet paper? You can easily make a toilet paper storage container out of an old box, lined with thin rope which can be glued to the box with the help of super glue or silicone glue.

Take a look at the following fantastic ideas for beautifying one’s home which are truly worth trying right away:

  1. Cups with Tiny Magnets        
  2. Colorful Vases Made of Old, Used Bottles
  3. Secret Place for Your Keys, Hidden in a Box Glued to a Stone

  4. Used Pillows Turned Into an Amazing Mobile Mattress

  5. Shelves out of Old Pallets

  6. Bottle Candle Holders

  7. Calendar out of Old Children’s Playing Bricks

  8. Small Pallet Table

  9. Toilet Paper Storage Container

  10. Old Jeans’ Pockets for Storing Small Everyday Things

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