10 Things Men Don’t Find Attractive In A Woman

Maybe you weren’t aware of it, but just like other women, men may also find some things unattractive about women’s looks. Here are the 10 things that are a big no-no for men:

  1. Too much make upA bit of makeup is fine, but masking your face completely won’t make your partner ecstatic. Apply makeup that fits your natural complexion and remember – less is more!
    1. Extreme hairstyle

    Men like your hair just like it is, meaning that they’re not interested in your extreme hairstyle. Keep thing simple with your hair and believe us – your partner will love it!

    1. Shiny makeup

    Men prefer matte to shiny makeup, so make sure to have this in mind when you’re preparing for a date.

    1. Artificial eyelashes

    Artificial eyelashes and too much mascara won’t get you anywhere – just like with your hair, going natural with your eyelashes is better when on a date.

    1. Retouching your makeup in public

    Men don’t care for beauty tricks, so never retouch your makeup in public, or don’t announce it at least.
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