4 Stories That Will Show You Why You Should Never Rush Into Conclusions

Life is unpredictable, and oftentimes precisely that unpredictability makes us jump to conclusions too soon and too fast, wanting to know what is really happening.However, we often draw wrong conclusions.These four real stories will prove to you that you should go with the flow, and let events take their place without any rush and without making poor judgments.

Story No. 1

You thought that physical appearance is crucial for being happy in love? Ha! Well, my friend got married thanks to her amazing sense of humor. She has small breasts, so while we were at the beach, she was wearing paddings under her swimsuit. But, the wind blew so hard that it blew off her beach towel along with her padded bikini top. At the same moment she cried: “Damn it! The wind blew off my towel and my breasts!” The guy sitting next to us started laughing so loud that we had to calm him down. A few weeks later, they started seeing each other and now they are happily married.

Story No.2

My husband is never wasteful with words and emotions. He finds it hard to tell me he loves me. My friends cannot understand how someone like me can be with a man who is so cold and emotionless. However, I know that he secretly is very sentimental. I once saw that he carries in his wallet a rose-shaped origami that I made for him on one of our first dates. He really treats it as if it is gold, because it’s all in one piece.

Story No.3
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