5 Reasons Why French Women Don’t Get Fat

They are known as the ladies who manage to stay in top shape even though they eat bread, pastries, delicate cheese and butter, and have three meals a day, along with daily wine consumption.

“Forget diets, they are no fun and don’t work,” Anne Barone wrote in her book In Chic and Slim: How Those French Women Eat all that Rich Food and Still Stay Slim.

She goes on to say: “What I learned from French women is that ultimately staying slim is not about counting calories or fat grams. It is not about exercise exhaustion.”

French women consider dinners a sensual enjoyment and are not inclined to diet, yet they can boast themselves with an enviable slimness. Wherein lies their secret?

Five reasons why French women don’t get fat:

  1. Moderation Is The Key

French cuisine is known for its different types of cheese, wines, creamy sauces, croissants and diverse delicious desserts. However, the French don’t eat such food repeatedly. But, even when they do eat these foods, they eat smaller portions, which are just enough to satisfy their need. So it is with wine drinking – it is drunk slowly and moderately.

  1. Smart Food Choices

French shops are flooded with full-fat foods, cheeses, butters, good meat, creams, but you will rarely find any shelves with diet or non-fat foods. But, when you think about it, unprocessed food has a full and satisfying taste, so you’ll eat less of it during a meal.

Hence, their meals consist of unprocessed food, while meat and fish along with vegetables are the meals most commonly found on their plates. Even children are served real food, not mashed baby food, so, even from their earliest age they are taught to eat with a spoon and fork.

  1. French Women Want to Enjoy

Their rule is simple: If you eat food that doesn’t satisfy you, isn’t tasty or sufficient, then it is a poor meal. Thus, French women eat food that provides them with a sense of pleasure, but they always pay attention to balance as well. In case they want to eat something sweet, they will reduce the amount of the rest of the food, but they won’t feel guilty, nor will restrict anything to their own bodies, which is already known as harmful.

  1. Walking

French women love to take walks, which is another secret to their slender figures. The busier you are, the more you walk, thereby doing more good to your body and health.

  1. Meals Are a Feast for Them

Food should be enjoyed slowly, and meals should serve for socialization and rest, as well as for enjoyment.

“For France, a meal is a very particular moment, in which you share pleasure, the food as well as the conversation,’ Dr L’Hermite explained.

A family breakfast, lunch or dinner are not just food for the body, but for the soul as well.



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