5 Things Men Do When They’re Truly In Love

I can’t help but roll my eyes every time I see a video on Facebook showcasing some man’s over-the-top display of affection for his partner. Y’know the type I’m talking about – the expensive and elaborate Valentine’s Day dinners and the Tiffany-themed surprises. I mean, don’t get me wrong; I’m happy for those couples. But those epic displays of affection just set the bar way too high.

People begin to build up grand expectations as to what a man’s love should look like. That means our genuine attempts at expressing affection often go unappreciated – or worse, unnoticed.

Here are 8 ways the average man lets his woman know he loves her.

These things may not come with a hefty price tag or attract thousands of Facebook likes but hey – life’s about the simple things, right?

#1 – He Shows Respect

This is the foundation for everything that follows. If a man does not respect the woman he’s with – if he sees her as little more than an object to fulfill his fantasies or make him feel wanted – he doesn’t love her. He may lust after her – but not love her.

When a man truly adores his partner, they are equals in his eyes. He talks to her not as someone who should be following orders or bending to his will and values but as someone with valid ideas, viewpoints and feelings.

#2 – He’s Honest

There’s no shortage of men out there who can put on a really convincing mask. They’ll say all the right things to make themselves appear like the ‘perfect man.’

But when a man truly loves a woman, that’s not even an option. He’s not going to just ‘play along’ on dates with the intention of getting in her pants. He’ll stand by his values, even if she tugs him in the opposite direction.

Why? Because he knows the value of honesty in a relationship. He’s not going to mislead his partner, only to disappoint her down the road. Her loves her, so he’s honest and upfront.

Fellow men, if you feel like you’ve got reason to be anything but honest and upfront with a serious partner, you’re probably in the wrong relationship.
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#3 – He Remembers Important Things

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