5 Things Men Do When They’re Truly In Love

When a man’s in love, key things about his partner never escape his memory. He remembers what sort of coffee she likes and what her favorite song is. Of course, he remembers her birthday and their anniversary.

Why wouldn’t he? Love is one of the most obsessive natural human behaviors. This is actually healthy – as long as the love is reciprocal, that is.

#4 – He Tries To Be A Better Person

Love can make even the sloppiest of guys attempt to get their act together. It’s not even so much that he wants to flatter his partner with a false impression. He just holds them in such high regard that he won’t subject them to anything but his best possible self.

In other words, when a man is in love he genuinely wants to become a better person. He knows his partner deserves that much.

#5 – He’ll Fight

By the time a man is ready to settle down in love, he will have had roughly six hookups. Seriously, people have studied this.

Those 6 women will leave his life relatively quickly. Truth is, he probably didn’t fight very hard to keep them around. He probably didn’t think too deeply about making it through rough patches in those ‘relationships’ or working to fix his mistakes.

The only woman a man will do things like that for is the one he loves. He knows true love is not easily replaceable. He knows that if he lets the love of his life walk away, he may never find a woman like her again. So he fights.

Do you agree with these points? Are there any you disagree with? I’d love to hear your thoughts – share ’em in the comments!

Source: https://www.powerofpositivity.com

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