We Don’t Meet Anyone by Accident – 5 Types of Cosmic Connections

We live in a unique Universe, filled with wonder, beauty, and mystery. Although big, complex and chaotic, our Universe has its own ways of making everything work out in the best possible way and arranging things in a perfect order.

Many people believe that things happen by chance and that there is no such thing as destiny or preordained life events. However, you might want to reconsider your firm beliefs about the existence of coincidence, and start seeing even the most ordinary things that happen to you as a part of some greater plan, serving some greater purpose. Everything that has happened, is happening at the moment, and will be happening to you in future is actually what the Universe has planned for you since the beginning.

Don’t worry if you’re going through hard times right now. Bad things and good things happen all the time, and to everyone – it’s just how life works. Life is ever-changing, and some of its paths are sometimes bumpier than others. But every life experience has its own profound meaning and value, and the Universe is right beside us in every moment of joy, sorrow, confusion, rage, or bliss.

All of us would agree that the journey of life wouldn’t be the same without all the people who get to cross our path. In fact, we are destined to meet all of them – some to teach us important lessons, deliver significant messages to us, or simply pass through our lives without leaving any trace, and others to stay in our lives forever.

Every acquaintance has its own profound meaning. The following are 5 types of cosmic connections that everyone will encounter throughout their lives:

  1. People whose purpose is to “awake us.”

Sometimes, the Universe sends certain people in our lives, to make us realize that we are stuck in one place and we need to change something in order to move forward. Either in a direct or indirect way, these people help us understand that change is a vital path to success. We just have to make the first step, and the Universe will find a way to work things out for us.

Unless these people hadn’t helped jump-start your latent potential, it would have remained undiscovered.

  1. People who remind us.

There are people that are only meant to cross our life path so as to remind us of our goals. The Universe makes our life paths cross with theirs in order to help us stay focused and move toward our ultimate goals.

The purpose of these people is to remind us of who we are and what we truly desire.

  1. People who help us grow.

Some people are meant to be a part of our lives to help us grow as persons. They are our life companions, who may sometimes challenge us, hurt us, guide us, or help us not stray away from our path. Some things would simply be impossible for us without them being by our side.

These are the people who tempt us so as to help us grow.

  1. People who hold space for us.

There are people that enter our lives for so short, leaving just a blurry, almost insignificant memory that we might even forget we ever met them. They are the ones we encounter on a trip to somewhere, at a coffee house, on the subway, the ones we make small-talk with, people we are simply passing by without building a further connection. They are simply there to hold space for us.

These people are life companions, serving to support you on your life journey. They are fans of your soul and help bring out the positive in you!

  1. People who stay in our lives always and forever.

Just a small bunch of people will succeed in becoming our permanent life companions. There are not many like them and they are definitely not easy to find. Nevertheless, this type of people is the one you are going to cherish the most. They include your family members, your close friends, the ones that belong to the same soul group as you do, and even your soul mates.

All these people are your eternal life companions and partners, whose aspirations are the same, or similar to yours.

Speaking of soul mates, they belong to a special group of their own. The Universe waits for the right time to put that very special person – your soul mate – in your path. Once you meet them, you will know that they are “the one” for you. They make you feel good, secure, and pleasant. If you haven’t met them yet, be patient. Sooner or later they will come, bringing all the joy and happiness on this world.  And most importantly, they will remain forever!

Your soul mate is your reflection and your twin flame. You both possess a magnetic force within your souls that will bring you together. Just follow your heart and you’ll soon find your other half!


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