6 Signs That Tell You Are a Powerful and Charismatic Person


  1. You don’t hide your feelings and you are completely open with people

You easily open up when meeting new people and you never sugarcoat your feelings. It is typical of you to be extremely blunt and don’t mind what others think of you or the way you feel. You’re very frank and you confidently show your feelings to everyone around you.

  1. If you care about something, you care about it 100%

There are things that you don’t find worth your time and effort, but when you find something you really like, you simply start obsessing about it. Once you really care about something, you give all your best to make it happen. You put all your heart and soul into it and really dedicate yourself to accomplishing your goals.

  1. You fight unmercifully

As we already said, you never give up fighting for what you really care about. When you truly believe in something, a ‘merciless warrior’ awakens within you to fight for what is right. Therefore, if you get into a fight with someone, it is a fight to the death. You fight with all you’ve got, but you’re not irrational and aggressive. You always calculate the risks and assess matters before starting a war.

  1. You’re incredibly honest and sincere

You are very straightforward and always say what you really mean. No matter what you say, positive or negative, it is what you really believe and what you sincerely want to convey to others.

  1. Your words are brief and convincing

You don’t like wasting your words and you always speak with conviction. You are actually a very pleasant speaker and your words carry weight. In fact, you never say something unless you truly believe in.

  1. You like deep and meaningful conversations

You despise small talks concerning the weather or other people’s lives. Meaningless and topical conversations are just not your thing and they simply don’t satisfy your need for substantive and intelligent discussion. You love spending hours discussing about meaningful topics, including spirituality, psychology, art, and philosophy.


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