Adorable Baby Girl Cries Over One of Mom’s Songs

Songs can be so powerful and have a tremendous impact on our emotions. Whether it’s the lyrics, the music, or perhaps both, some songs can flood our hearts with strong emotions of happiness, sadness, joy, or tranquility, among many others. We all have a song, sometimes more than one, which we have a special connection with and even feel it has been written just for us.

It’s completely normal for a teenager who’s having their first love issues or an adult person who has been through a lot in life to feel such personal connection with songs. But when this happens to a tiny baby, who does nothing but sleep, eat, repeat, and knows nothing of life’s hardships, then this connection to music becomes something extraordinary.

Little Mary-Lynne Leroux is one of those extremely emotional souls who are very rare to find. Even though she’s just a small baby, she feels deeply and expresses her emotions loudly, especially in the musical department. She has found a true, special connection with one of the songs her mother is singing to her. This one song has such a strong impact on little Mary-Lynne that she starts shedding tears of extreme emotion and enjoyment whenever she hears it. Her mother Amanda told Storyful: “No one can explain why, not even I. I can sing any other song and don not get the same reaction from her. It’s too adorable to keep all to ourselves.”

Seeing this little girl cry so passionately over a song is just too adorable. Such a pretty angel! We bet you won’t be able to take your eyes off of her while watching the video. Besides that, her mother’s voice is simply stunning and the bond between mother and daughter is priceless.  No wonder Mary-Lynne enjoys listening to her singing.

A mother’s love for her child is invaluable and we can all agree that this mother loves her daughter very much.

Watch the video below to witness this baby’s emotional reaction to her mom’s song!



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