Choose A Symbol and See What It Means

Symbols often convey a deeper and more powerful meaning than the one suggested by their outward appearance.  A symbol is actually believed to be an archetype closely linked to the humankind’s subconscious.

Each of the 6 symbols in the picture has an immense power. These symbols try to reach out for us and communicate a certain message through a unique and mystical way. Observe each symbol closely and listen to all of them. Which symbol are you going to choose? Which one is calling for you?

Choose one symbol and read the explanation below.

  1. Eye of Horus

If you’ve chosen this symbol, it may indicate that your aura is in need of immediate protection. This symbol is known as the eye of Horus or Wadjet, Ouadza, Udjat, or Wedjat. It is one of the most famous ancient Egyptian symbols and the embodiment of Horus revenge against Seth, who murdered his own brother Osiris, Horus’s father.

In fact, it is an epitome of the Divine Omnipresence and a symbol which serves to remind us that God is always watching us and that Karma is always awake.

Try to find ways in which you can remove all negative energies that surround you and suffocate your being in this world.

  1. Labyrinth

Choosing this symbol might mean that you are having trouble finding yourself or that you’ve lost your identity. Labyrinth lends us a helping hand in discovering our true self, our spiritual center, our nature or our God seed.

In ancient mythology, labyrinths were created in order to tempt imps, demons and other creatures to enter and remain trapped in their centers forever. If this symbol is the one that was calling for you, then you need to search for your inner peace and spirituality.

  1. Trident

Provided that this symbol is your choice, it indicates that you have a certain fear of fears that are dragging you down and preventing you from tasting complete freedom.

The Trident symbol is the symbol of a powerful divine Patriarch figure. In Hinduism, it is the symbol of Lord Shiva, the “destroyer of evil and the transformer,” while in ancient Greek religion and mythology, it was the symbol of Poseidon, god of the sea and of water in general. Despite the fact that this symbol was demonized by Christian nations, it is actually the epitome of Blessings, Divine Dominion, Abundance and the prefect key to expel all fears.

Find the strength within yourself to declare to the World that you are not afraid of anything! Thus, you will become free and protected against all evil in the world. The Trident will help you destroy all your fears.

  1. Triskelion

If you’ve chosen this symbol, this might signify that you have to break down the barriers of your physical life.

Triskelion is a symbol of the creative force pulsing within the Sun. It has three legs that are united and hence produce an “unnatural” force which can be tapped into to help us fulfill our desires in real life.

The number Three is believed to be very sacred and magical. This symbol perceives the pillars of our body as potent forces of change, overcoming challenges and obstacles in life, and jumping over existing physical and spiritual barriers.

The Triskelion symbol will help you boost your positive vibrations and break down your barriers.

  1. Uroborus

If this symbol was calling for you to choose it, then you might need to stop for a moment and contemplate your Karma.

The Uroborus is a symbol of Karma and endless time-action-reaction continuum. This symbol is a reminder that you need to start making some necessary changes because you are stuck in an endless loop where no changes take place ever.

Recollect your actions to learn what you are doing wrong time and time again. Then, focus on changing your behavior in order to prompt necessary changes. By breaking the Circle of Uroborus, you’ll succeed in breaking the Circle of Incarnations and finally enter the blessed Nirvana.

  1. Scarab

This symbol may indicate that you need to channel your dead ancestors’ wisdom, as scarabs are linked to the underworld. Ancient Egyptians believed that scarabs, or beetles, originate from the underworld or the dead because they lay their eggs in dead bodies of other animals and dung.

Additionally, the Scarab symbol is also closely related to Rebirth, Reincarnation and Resurrection. It is associated with Rebirth, Phoenix and Ra, and a symbol of vitality, life, and better health.

If you’ve chosen this symbol, you are probably searching for vitality and need to replenish your energy. It is high time that you started exercising regularly and making healthier food choices. The scarab symbol is both a sign that you have to start caring for yourself and not neglect your ancestors.


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