Why Every Woman Has That One Man To Whom She Always Goes Back?

Women have a bad habit of believing that things will change for the better.

As time passes by, they mechanically start avoiding controversial and stressful situations so as to protect themselves. However, this also means staying in a dysfunctional relationship.

Why can’t they simply leave that man?

Why do they go back to him over and over again?

  1. An Excuse: This Time Will Be Different!

Women are always guided by the firm belief that the same mistake cannot be done twice. But, nothing of that is true. It’s simply enchanting how easily they enter a circle and start spinning for months, or sometimes even for years.

  1. He’s Her Backup Plan

When things go wrong, he’s there for her. He solves the problems, redeems the mistakes, rescues her, listens to her, cheers for her… However, should she go back to him whenever things don’t go as planned? We don’t think so! Ladies, it’s time to deal with your problems on your own.

  1. Pain Is a Part of Every Relationship

Women convince themselves that pain is completely normal that they even start to forget how happiness looks and feels like. A love relationship should have more moments of happiness and bliss, than of pain and sadness. You should enjoy in your mutual presence, and not live in melancholy.

  1. Changing Yourself for Him Makes You Successful

Are you sure about this? It’s hard to believe, to tell you the truth. Changing for him does not make you stronger – it is not a compromise, but a sacrifice on your part. Of course, with time, they take advantage of your weakness.

  1. “If This Doesn’t Work Out, I’ll be Messed Up and Left Alone”

Last and most frequent reason for a woman to cling to a man is her fear of being alone.


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