Fantastic Hacks to Help You Deal with Everyday Life Easier

Daily life is full of surprises, some of them pleasant and other unexpected or annoying. You are no exception – everyone is facing with numerous issues at their homes every day. Those small, seemingly insignificant daily annoyances, can sometimes be too much for one to handle and simply drive you crazy, right? Luckily, there is a solution for every single one of them. Today, we provide you with 35 fantastic hacks to help you deal with common daily annoyances.

Does it often happen to you to sleep through your alarm? Are you annoyed with household chores like cleaning the toilet with chemical-laden products? No need to stress yourself anymore, as there is a solution for everything.

Putting your phone in an empty cup will amplify the sound, and thus you won’t sleep through your alarm anymore.

Also, apparently, Coca-Cola is an excellent toilet cleaning product. So ditch those chemical-laden toilet products you’ve been using so far, and start using this popular drink instead.

Here are some more fantastic hacks:

  1. Sleeping through your alarm won’t happen anymore!
  2. Paper clips are versatile.
  3. Need some extra storage space? A simple shoe hanging rack will do the job.
  4. Use a wooden spoon to prevent water from boiling over a pot. Simple, yet effective!
  5. You don’t have a steamer? Here’ a great solution.
  6. Newspaper will help you make trash taking cleaner.
  7. Here’s how to fill a container that’s larger than your sink.
  8. Here’s how to properly heat leftovers in the microwave.
  9. A great way to use Coca-Cola.
  10. Avoid spilling your ketchup.
  11. Keeping track of your daily water intake.
  12. The right way to make toast/toasted sandwich.
  13. Aluminum foil to the rescue!
  14. DIY cheap iPhone speakers.
  15. Remove scratches from wooden surfaces by using walnuts.
  16. Get delicious grilled cheese!
  17. Everyone knows the saying: “An apple a day makes the doctor go away.”
  18. Did you know a tennis ball can have so many other purposes?
  19. Stockings can have other uses too!
  20. A great way to chill white wine!
  21. Binder clips have other uses too!
  22. Making microwave popcorn.
  23. Here’s a smart way to get iced cold water in a water bottle!
  24. Use a straw to remove strawberry stems.
  25. Clean your keyboard with post-it notes.
  26. Don’t have enough space in your microwave? Here’s how to use space efficiently!
  27. Keeping your buttons from unraveling.
  28. Easy and safe way to light a candle.
  29. Newspapers can be really useful!
  30. Keep your children from falling out of bed!
  31. Hairpins are also versatile.
  32. Making good sandwiches is easy.
  33. Easy way to break in new shoes!
  34. Making sure your avocado is ripe enough.
  35. The things you borrow will no longer be forgotten. Text your friends or family a picture like this:

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