Fantastic Tricks That Will Save You from Everyday Troubles

Thanks to social media, when someone tries out a trick and it works, everyone can find out about it right away.

If you haven’t come across these tricks yet, then your daily life will become a lot easier!

  1. If you have a cat, always put a bag under the litter. Cleaning the litter box will be much easier this way!

  2. Protect your feet from blisters due to uncomfortable shoes (heels) by placing a piece of sanitary pad on the places that irritate your skin. This will reduce the friction.

  3. To make toilet paper smell nicer, mix several drops of an essential oil with some water and drop several drops of the solution onto the paper.

  4. Avoid the unpleasant smell after vacuuming by adding some powder laundry detergent to the bag of your vacuum cleaner.

  5. Lunches will be much tastier with the addition of the following mix of spices – black pepper, red pepper and curry.

  6. A cotton pad soaked in some make-up remover can help you remove sticky labels and glue marks!

  7. Put perfume testing paper strips between bed sheets for pleasant smell.

  8. Use a hand-sanitizing gel to clean your armpits before applying deodorant for a better effect.

  9. Sprinkle several teaspoons of cinnamon in your kitchen sink and then rinse with hot water. The unpleasant smell will disappear!

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