Five-Year-Old Girl Meets the Veteran Who She Helped with Charity Work

Temperance Pattinson is a five-year-old girl who really stands out from other children her age. She has been doing charity work for Help for Heroes since she was just three years old and now she had the chance to meet one of the war heroes she helped through fundraising. The war hero she met is Simon Brown and she told him he was her hero.

Trying to raise awareness, the charity Help for Heroes decided to connect Tempy with one of the war heroes who directly benefited from her kind actions in a really moving series called “Facing It Together.”

Simon Brown was an Iraqi war veteran who got shot by an Iraqi sniper back in 2006, which left him practically blind and unable to provide for himself. At least 66,000 ex-military personnel share his life-changing fate in the UK. This man had to undergo 25 surgeries so as to finally be able to live a nearly normal live.

He opened his heart to little Tempy and shared what happened when he returned to England after his injury.

“I got shot in the face but I was lucky. When I came home I found out that I’d lost my sight and I had to rebuild my life after being told that I was going to be a blind man and leave the army.”

Tempy listened to his story carefully, without being shocked by his disfigured appearance. She then told him she had swum 100 metres and completed a triathlon in a bid to give something back to the soldiers.

You could see that she understood Simon was a real-life hero of the war and someone who truly needed all the help he could get.

Adorable Tempy told Simon what inspired her to take part in the charity events.

“Even though I didn’t know any of the soldiers, I just thought that they did something for us! I thought I could give a present back to them by raising them money.”

Simon was really moved by this little girl’s behavior and told her it was supporters like her who were the real heroes.

“It’s because of the challenges you do, and the money you raise and the support you give, that people like me can get better. So that’s why people like you are our heroes.”

Sweet Tempy’s simple reply was: “And people like you are mine.”

This precious girl did it for all the right reasons, and not for recognition or fun competition. She has a bigger heart than most people four times her age. All she wanted was to help the heroes who keep her safe in any way she can. We sincerely hope that Tempy’s behavior will inspire you to join charity work, volunteer and help other veterans in need.




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