Kundalini Activation: WTF Is Happening To My Body!

Although not many are familiar with the concept of Kundalini activation, this phenomenon is actually more common than you may think. To be more specific, Kundalini activation occurs when a person starts experiencing some strange things, such as hearing tones or having sensations of intense heat or energy flowing through their body, after going through an intense spiritual or transcendent experience. They may also feel vibrations in the body or pressure in their forehead. Even if these symptoms are commonly mistaken for indicators of insanity or death, in fact, they are quite normal in those who’ve chosen to raise their Consciousness.

As for the term Kundalini, it’s directly linked to the numerous Hindu religions, as well as a number of Western mystery schools. However, opinions about the Kundalini effect are divided.

The most important aspect of the Kundalini effect is the function of the chakras. There are seven key chakras aligned with the spine – one at the very base of the spine (root chakra), one a just beneath the belly button (sacral chakra), one right above the belly button (solar plexus chakra), one in the center of the chest (heart chakra), one in the throat (throat chakra), one in the forehead (ajna chakra or 3rd eye), and one at the top of the head (crown chakra). Each chakra relates to a different thing; for instance, the throat chakra is primarily linked to communication.

But, these seven chakras are not the only ones in the body. There are hundreds, if not thousands, more chakras all over the body, but the key chakras are typically the easiest to activate at first. The chakras in the palms and in the feet are also easy to activate. If you want to feel your palm chakras right now, simply align your palms so that they face each other and hold them a few inches apart.

It’s also good to know that the chakras are connected and they depend on each other. What connects the chakras in the body are energy channels called nadis, and it’s these energy channels, together with the chakras that account for what’s known as a subtle body, energetic body, or light body.

Although everyone has an energetic body, not everyone is aware of it. To the majority, the energy flowing through their bodies is just a trickle that keeps them from dying, but this is not enough for them to truly live. These people have blocked chakras, a lot of emotional baggage, fears, and beliefs of limitation, all of which narrow the energy flow among chakras, which affects overall health and often results in a physical disease.

As mentioned above, the throat chakra has a lot to do with communication, but it becomes blocked by things like not expressing yourself, letting people walk all over you, etc. Fears from the past and childhood trauma may make a person truly fear expressing themselves. These things have to be worked on for the person to be healed and to have a full functioning throat chakra. Even though different chakras are linked to different things, the same healing process applies to them as well.

Let’s go back to Kundalini. According to some, Kundalini is the personification of a Goddess, but the theory that Kundalini is more a process than a deity prevails. The most accurate definition of Kundalini describes it a process of energetic clearing that ultimately leads to a healthy and fully functioning chakra system.

According to the old Hindu tradition, this process of energetic cleansing starts at the root chakra, and works its way up through each chakra. But, the experiences of many people are quite the opposite – the spiritual cleansing starts at the crown chakra and moves downwards.

Another important aspect of the Kundalini process is that it can be extremely intense. Some describe it as a freight train running up your spine, which can be terrifying for someone unaware of what’s going on. Though intense, the process of energetic cleansing should never be avoided as resistance only makes things harder, and more painful.

All in all, the end result of Kundalini activation is worth all the struggle.  People come out of the process reborn and able to feel even the subtlest feelings that used to be difficult to get in touch with.

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