Once You Learn To Let Go Of These 20 Mental Barriers, Your Life Will Change Forever

In life, nothing is more important than your own peace of mind. Being stressed out due to meaningless issues and worrying about things that pull you down and make you miserable, will inevitably wreak havoc in that pretty little head of yours. Your distress reflects in the way you act and react to the outside world and the people in it. Mental barriers produce negative vibes, and for this reason, you should learn to let go of certain things, once and for all.

Find the courage to put an end to everything and everyone that weights you down. You may even learn that you are just one step to living a truly fulfilled and happy life. What you need to do first is direct all your attention to what’s going on in your mind and in your life in order to truly perceive the things that drag you down. Don’t be surprised if you find that you were devoting so much of your precious time to such useless things.

Begin your meditation in a calm, relaxing place, so as to allow a smooth flow of thoughts. This way, nothing will hinder your contemplation, and you will plainly see the things that have burdened you all this time.

If you want to live a more fulfilling and happier life you need to learn to let go of the following 20 mental barriers:

  1. Let go of attachments:

    Almost all suffering stems from attachments. You should learn to stop being proud of your possessions which are only temporary. Be thankful to the “higher power” that made it possible for you to have all those things, but stop feeling too much attached to them. Make this your top priority on the list of things to be let go of!

  2. Let go of guilt:

    The feeling of guilt distracts good and positive feelings. You should learn to let go of anything you feel guilty of doing or saying, and start living a happier life.

  3. Let go of self-criticism:

    Having low self-esteem makes people become their own greatest critics. But this self-criticism is not productive and well-intentioned. It makes them miserable and depressive, disempowers them, and makes them pity themselves.

  4. Let go of prejudices:

    Having prejudices produces bad feelings, resentment, and creates a serious mental barrier for a good relationship. Learn to be more open.

  5. Let go of negative thoughts:

    Having a pessimistic view of life and constantly thinking negatively about every single thing, will never allow positivity and optimism enter your life. These thoughts put you under a glass bell jar, filled with negative vibes and dark aura.

  6. Let go of compulsive thinking:

    Restrain yourself from thinking compulsively and start focusing on the utility, usefulness and efficacy of it for long term relationships.

  7. Let go of seeking others’ approval:

    This behavior allows others to consider you inferior to them. It destroys your initiative and drive and makes you appear petite from other people’s perspective.

  8. Let go of grudges:

    Keeping grudges is so much more than a simple bad habit. It may lead to immense health and wellbeing issues. According to research, since the heart and the mind are closely linked, holding on to bad feelings may cause serious damage to our health.

  9. Let go of limiting beliefs:

    We all hold certain beliefs, some of which are self-created and self-imposed. Don’t allow yourself to be limited by any beliefs. Learn to believe that everything you can imagine is plausible and real.

  10. Let go of postponing things for tomorrow:

    Never postpone the things you can do today, for tomorrow. Doing so, will slowly drag you into a laid back, procrastinating routine, in which you will be constantly stressed out and regretting for the things you could’ve done, but you didn’t. Always be guided by these wise sayings: “You may delay, but time will not, and lost time is never found again” and “Never put off for tomorrow, what you can do today.”

  11. Let go of anxious thoughts:

    These are a result of our inner doubts, fears and insecurities. Anxiety is really unpleasant, so learn to overcome it. Such thoughts will constantly distract your goals and determination.

  12. Let go of heart breaks:

    The heart has the ability to lock our mind, thus creating a complete mental vacuum. Learning to let go of past relationships will open up a whole new world of possibilities and beauty in front of you. Just wait and see.

  13. Let go of bad memories:

    Bad memories can do you so much harm, so it is best to forget them altogether. You can draw some useful lessons from some, but you should never hold on to them.

  14. Let go of useless things:

    Everyone should learn to let go of useless things, including people.

  15. Let go of bad company:

    Drop all those negative people from your life, and quit all friendships that are doing you no good. Just as the wise saying goes: “A man is known by the company he keeps,” your company should reflect you and your personality. So start choosing your friends wisely.

  16. Let go of past:

    Let go of past memories and bad experiences, and make space for new, exciting things. The only thing you should hold on to from your past, is the lessons you’ve learned from your past mistakes.

  17. Let go of identifying with role:

    By identifying ourselves with a particular role, we restrict our scope of view and gradually lose our true identity. We become a typecast character, and nobody wants that, right? Learn to let go of this behavior as soon as possible.

  18. Let go of taking things personally:

    This behavior will do you no good. It kills your positivity, your spirit, and even damages your overall wellbeing. Stop doing it!

  19. Let go of the ticking clock:

    This barrier destroys our sense of freedom and turns us into slaves of the time we have on our disposal. You should respect the time you have and make the most of it while you can, but never allow yourself to be possessed by the ticking clock.

  20. Let go of counterproductive habits:

    Anything that distracts or hinders you from being productive has to be let go of.

This list encompasses some of the most essential factors that often act as our mental barriers. In order to achieve a life free from mental barriers, we all need to find a way to overcome and erase them from our lives. Once we succeed in doing that, we will soon attain ultimate peace and reboot our lives.


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