Little Girl Has Her First Crush. Grandma’s Advice Has The Internet Going Nuts!

Ah, your first crush! That was probably a long time ago, but still, everyone remembers their first one, right? Little Mila Stauffer has just experienced her first crush, and the boy she has a crush on is melting millions of young girls’ hearts all over the world. This has propelled her to seek advice from the one woman who gives the best relationship advice: her grandma.

This adorable girl resolved to FaceTime her grandma so as to get some advice on how to win over her celebrity crush. And guess who that is – Justin Bieber, the boy for whom millions of girls are longing worldwide. Nevertheless, little Mila sincerely hopes that with grandma’s advice she could have a chance to win Justin’s heart.

Luckily, her amazing Grandma happens to have a few useful hints up her sleeve on how to win over the one you love! Although some of the methods are quite old-fashioned, Mila is determined to hear Grandma out and give them a try!

Grandma reveals her own methods and ways she used to win over men back in her days. Writing love letters and primping oneself are just two ways she suggested that her sweet little granddaughter give a shot. However, even though much of the advice she gives Mila go way over her little innocent head, some are in fact quite useful.

Mila is however too young and innocent to understand that her grandma is joking about a love with George Washington, so she cuts her off mid-sentence by yelling “#GROSS!”

Her grandma then goes on to suggest several hilarious things, such as buying him a fidget spinner or taking him to the disco, before she finally gives her the best advice. She tells Mila to slide into Justin’s DMs (direct messages on social media)! All Mila wants is to get a chance to speak with Justin and stand out from the rest of Justin’s girl fans who love him.

Mila is not sure what she should write him, so she asks grandma for a suggestion. What Grandma suggests is something that has the Internet going nuts!

She advises Mila to send Justin a joke to warm things up. Yup, you read it right – to “warm things up.”

Even though we don’t know exactly what Mila wrote to Justin, we are certain that grandma’s joke made him laugh his head off. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that little Mila will get a chance to meet her celebrity crush very soon and give him a huge hug.

Watch the video below to find out how Mila and Grandma’s cute conversation went. We wish you good luck, Mila!



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