Are Men Happier If Married to Chubby Women?

You are worried about those extra pounds? You think that your weight can affect your love life? Well, you might be right about this, but in a completely opposite way from the one you suspect.

According to one story, which recently went viral on the Internet, a study has proven that men who marry chubby women are 10 times happier and live longer. It also showed that chubby women laugh more often and solve any issues with their partners more easily, thus contributing to better marriages.

Another explanation maintains that those who starve themselves are more frequently irritable, moody, nervous and insecure.

Although this study is definitely non-existent, as you will soon find out if you search the Internet more closely, there are other studies and commonly known facts which suggest that this finding is not so far from the truth.

Chubby women are often much more affectionate, open and positive than other women, which is why many men do prefer them over skinny women.

One study, published in the PLOS ONE journal, found that stressed-out men prefer larger women. There were 81 participants in the study, out of which 40 men took part in a task that raised their levels of stress. During the study, the participants were given photos of women and were asked to rate their physical appearance. Those who had higher levels of stress always chose the chubbier women.

In addition, another study showed that couples who were happy in love were prone to weight gain. The logical explanation of this phenomenon is that happy couples feel really comfortable with their partners and don’t mind their outward looks.

Moreover, many ancient civilizations considered plump women to be more attractive than other women. Even today, chubbier women are seen as more attractive in many countries around the world. As a matter of fact, wider hips and ample bosoms were considered signs of good nutrition, fertility, and high status back in the past.

However, personal tastes and beauty standards are constantly changing, and therefore some men can be immensely happy and satisfied with a skinny partner, while others might enjoy in the humor of their beautiful chubby wives. In fact, one should never allow to be solely guided by physical appearance in their choice of a life partner, as we all know that true beauty lies within.


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