Moral Story about the Faithful Hawk: Why Do Wise People Never Make Rash Decisions?

A truly amazing moral story, which will capture your attention and make you realize how important it is to think twice before you do something. It will teach you to never make any rash decisions in life.


Once, there was a master who had a hawk. He loved his hawk very much, so whenever he went hunting he carried the hawk on his arm. One day, the master went to the woods and saw a deer. Then, he spurred his horse and rushed toward the deer. He rode so far that his servants couldn’t follow him and they soon lost any sight of him.

The master gained on the deer, caught it, and suddenly felt immense thirst. He rode his horse for quite a long time searching for some spring of water, but he couldn’t find any. Finally, he arrived at the foot of a large rock and saw that water was slowly dripping from its top. He took a glass out of his bag and tried to fill it with water. The glass was filling slowly, and just when he brought it near to his mouth, the hawk flew at him, hit him on his hand, and all the water spilled on the ground.

The master got angry at the hawk and put the glass under the rock to fill it with water again. He managed to fill the glass and brought it near to his lips to drink from it. But the hawk hit his arm once again and all the water spilled. Now the master got very angry, he caught the hawk and slammed it to the ground. The bird remained lying still.

Soon after, one of the master’s servants arrived and the master told him that he’s very thirsty. The servant took the glass and filled it with water from the canteen he was carrying. Then he handed the glass to his master, but he said to him:

“I want to drink pure, cold water. I would like a glass of the one that is dripping from the rock, but I don’t want to wait for my glass to fill drop by drop. Climb up the rock and get me some water from the spring.”

The servant climbed the rock and found the spring. But what a surprise! A snake was lying at the very edge of the rock, and its venom was mixing in with the spring water and dripping down, drop by drop.

The servant got frightened, climbed down the rock and explained his master what he saw. Then, he filled the glass with water from the canteen and handed it to his master. The master brought the glass near his lips, but he couldn’t take even one sip. Crying bitterly, he showed his servant his dead hawk and started cursing his own imprudence. He remembered this unfortunate event all his life!

Moral: Wise people never do anything until they think about it thoroughly.

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