10 Types of Pain That Are Directly Linked to Emotional States

We humans are exceptionally interesting creatures, vulnerable to various external and internal factors.  All the emotions and pain from the outside world are more or less felt within our minds and bodies. In fact, our physical health is closely linked to our emotional well-being. However, many people are not aware of the link between body and mind, and the extent to which they can mutually affect each other in terms of health.

There must have been a time when your emotional suffering has affected your physical health, but you didn’t know that was the case. This is a common issue and can happen to anyone.

Being under stress for a longer period of time or having certain emotional issues can have a huge effect on your overall health. That is why it is very important that you keep track of what’s going on with your body and try to detect any signs of pain and discomfort. Stressful times, big life events, or emotional pain can cause various symptoms and affect people differently.

Moreover, the Mental Health Foundation maintains that:

“Excessive or prolonged stress can lead to illness and physical and emotional exhaustion.”

Find out what the pain felt in these body parts really means.

  1. Pain In Your Head

Stress might be the main culprit for your awful headaches or migraines. Whenever you sense that you are about to experience a stress headache, you should stay calm, sit down and try to relax completely. Doing so will surely prevent it from getting worse.

  1. Pain In Your Neck

Neck pain is a common indicator of an internal struggle. It might mean that you are not ready to let go of something that someone else did. However, you should be aware that holding a grudge will bring you only misery, while forgiveness will show you the path to joy and happiness.

  1. Pain In Your Shoulders

Carrying a heavy emotional burden might cause pain in your shoulders. You might feel like you’re “carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders.” Confiding about your feelings and issues in someone you consider close will significantly relieve much of your burden.

  1. Pain In your Upper Back

Upper back pain might indicate that you’re not getting what you need or want from someone else. Perhaps you don’t have the emotional support you really need or you don’t feel wanted. If you let things linger for a while, this might become a more serious issue. Therefore, you must solve your problem immediately.

  1. Pain In Your Lower Back

Is your financial situation bothering you? If yes, then your lower back pain might be an unwelcome side-effect of it. In such cases, it is highly recommended that you discuss your problems with a relative, a close friend, or with anyone you feel comfortable sharing such information. You should never allow yourself to stress over such things on your own.

  1. Pain In Your Hands

Feeling pain in your hands is a sign of unreciprocated feelings. No matter how hard you try to reach out to others, to be close with them, to share the good and the bad times together, you are almost always met with utter indifference. Hand pain is also known as isolation pain. If this is happening to you, the best way to deal with it is to cut off your undeserving “friends” for good and make new ones.

  1. Pain In Your Hips

If you are experiencing pain in your hip area, it might indicate that you are afraid of something. Allowing fear to overwhelm you and resisting necessary changes to take place will do you no good. You should learn how to manage your fear and allow things take their natural course. You might not be aware of it, but the Universe has a plan for every one of us.

  1. Pain In Your Knees

Having a big ego might result in knee pain. To relieve your pain you should start being more humble and care about the people who are part of your life. Selfishness is definitely not a good trait.

  1. Pain In Your Calves

The root cause of calf pain might be jealousy. Stop obsessing over things that other people have and you don’t, and start appreciating the things life has given you. Also, never compare yourself to others. Learn to love yourself for who you are and embrace your uniqueness.

  1. Pain In Your Feet

As unbelievable as it may sound, one of the reasons for pain felt in the feet might be depression. This mental health condition actually affects both your mental and physical health. Although it is not easy to deal with this condition, everyone is capable of finding their own way to the path of life enjoyments and happiness.


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