Pedro and His Boss

Have you laughed today? Here’s a story to cheer you up and bring a smile to your face.

A Story about Pedro and His Boss

Pedro works as a guard in a factory. One day, the Prime Minister of Spain, Mariano Rajoy Brey, comes to visit the factory where he works. When he passes by Pedro, the Prime Minister shouts:

“Pedro, is that you, man?”

“Yeah, it’s me Mariano” Pedro answers.

Pedro’s boss finds it very strange that the Prime Minister knows Pedro. So, once the Prime Minister and his team left the factory, he asks Pedro to come to his office.

“Let me ask you something Pedro. I’m very curious. How did you meet our Prime Minister?” the boss asks him.

“Come on, boss. Don’t you know that the whole world knows me?” Pedro says.

“What do you mean, Pedro?” the boss asks him, puzzled.

“It’s true, boss. There’s not a living person in the world that doesn’t know me!” Pedro answers with pride.

“You wanna tell me that even Trump knows you?!” his boss asks him, mockingly.

“Ha, boss, Trump is one of my better friends!” Pedro says, placidly.

“You say so, hah? OK! Let’s go to Washington, D.C., I’ll pay the tickets. There’s no way the President of America knows you! You’re making a fool of me, Pedro!” the boss exclaims furiously.

And that’s how Pedro and his boss go to the White House, ring the bell, and then Melania answers the door, saying delightfully:

“Ooh, Pedro, what a wonderful surprise! Come in, Trump is in the backyard!”

The boss remains speechless as his jaw drops to the floor. He simply cannot believe his eyes! Delirious, he says:

“Pedro, there’s no way the Pope knows you!”

“Hahaha, boss! The Pope is actually my family’s neighborhood friend! He’s known my folks since they were kids!” Pedro explains to his boss.

“Come on, you liar! We’re going to Vatican City right away!” the boss says, infuriated.

They go to Vatican City on a Sunday. The Pope is holding a mass from the balcony, with thousands of faithful gathered in front of him. Pedro says:

“Boss, there’s no way he will see me like this, it’s too crowded. I’ll go inside, the guards will let me in. They know me. I’ll climb up to the balcony.”

His boss laughs his head off, but tells him to go.

There goes Pedro, climbing up to the balcony, and stopping right beside the Pope. They hug each other and then the Pope waves at the flock and so does Pedro, both laughing and waving.

Then, Pedro goes back among the ‘ordinary people’ and looks for his boss. Suddenly, he sees a place where a great number of people have gathered in a circle. Making his way through the crowd, Pedro sees his boss lying on the ground, having a heart attack:

“Boss, boss! What’s the matter with you?” Pedro asks his boss.

“Pedrooo, I can’t, Pedrooo, oooh, Pedrooo!” his boss says, fainting.

“Come on, boss, tell me! What’s the matter?!” Pedro asks again.

“Pedroo, oooh Pedrooo! I could stand everything until today; the Prime Minister and Trump; looking at you up there, shoulder to shoulder with the Pope…Ahhh, Pedro… But when some Chinese poked me and asked me: ‘Hey man, who’s that guy over there, next to Pedro?!’ I swear, Pedro, I couldn’t stand it anymore!!!”


So, do you know Pedro too? 🙂


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