These T-Shirts with Cheerful Motifs on the Back Will Win You Over

The accidental creative idea of the Serbian TV host Aida Jokanovic turned out to be quite profitable after her brand Wholly made a great success.

It seems that this summer every girl’s dream has been to own at least one piece of the TV host’s collection of casual T-shirts, or to be more precise T-shirt dresses. But, what makes these dresses especially interesting are the details on the back of the otherwise unicolor designs.

Aida created the first dress with hand-made balloon for one of her girlfriends who loved balloons. She just wanted to give her friend something with her favorite motif that would last longer than a balloon does.

Then, she designed the dress with the alarm clock for girls who are always late, dresses for those who are addicted to sun and sunlight, and for those who always come up with new ideas, symbolically marked with a light bulb on the back.

The girls who already have these long T-shirts, which can also be worn as dresses, claim that they are the softest, most comfortable pieces of clothing they’ve ever worn.

These dresses are in vivid colors and there’s a motif on the back to fit every personality.

Aida wanted the word “hole” to be a constituent part of the brand’s name as it relates to the designs themselves, so she played with articulation and came up with the solution “Wholly.”

Since we all love interesting back details on our clothes, we wouldn’t mind owning a few pieces of the Wholly collection with “holes” in our closets. Check these stunning designs below:






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