The Emotional Moment When This Single Mother and Her 4 Small Children Who Were Homeless for 3 Years Walk Into Their New Home Is Priceless!

A homeless single mother and her four children finally have a place to call home. The 29-year-old Lamanda Brown and her children received the surprise of their lives when their new home in Detroit, Michigan, was completely furnished by the non-profit organization Humble Design. The heartwarming moment when Lamanda and her children, who are aged two, five, seven, and eleven, enter their new home for the first time, was recorded on video.
Tears of joy are coming down Lamanda’s face when she steps into her home and sees the Christmas tree in the living room, with wrapped presents for her underneath. This single mom and her children were homeless for three years before they were finally housed in a public building. However, Lamanda couldn’t afford any furniture except one mattress and a few blankets. That’s when Humble Design took things into their own hands, literally.
This non-profit organization furnishes up to three homes per week for families who cannot afford it. They first meet the families and discuss about the furniture and the toys of which they always dreamed to have in their home, and then, they try to make these dreams come true. This way they help people have as happy and beautiful beginning of a new chapter in their lives as they possibly can.

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