This Dog Barks Incessantly Until It Gets Its Owner’s Attention – Once The Owner Realizes Why, She Acts Quickly

Dogs are known for their lovableness and never-ending loyalty. You can cuddle with them when they allow it, and they even serve as guards, who protect us from harm and warn us when there is danger.

Lisa Ryaland her dog Luger, a rottweiler, are best friends. They understand each other on a whole new level. So when she was asleep, and heard his barking, she immediately went down to check things out.

She knew this wasn’t his normal howl. Normally, he will wine or howls when he is lonely. But this was different. This one caught her attention and sounded different. She knew something was wrong.

And thank goodness she went to check! As she walked into her living room, she quickly realized why her dog was so frantic. Her house was being engulfed in flames.

Lisa and the rest of the family, including Luger, were able to escape the home with only minutes to spare. If they had waited any longer, or she hadn’t heard the dog howling, they may not have been able to get out of the house, which would have ensured some casualties.

They suffered a few burns here and there, but they made it out alive with minimal injuries, and we couldn’t be happier! We are so thankful that Luger was able to get Lisa’s attention, and that they were saved!

“I got lucky the dog was there to wake me up. God was watching out for us because it could have been so much worse,” said Lisa.

And we agree, and we are just glad that there were no casualties, and that everyone is going to be alright!

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