This Woman Shows How Yoga Can Inspire People With Serious Mental Illnesses

Mental disorders and illnesses are very frequent today as life is not as simple as it was in the past and most of us are constantly under stress. There are various treatments and methods used to help treat or at least reduce the effects of these health conditions, yet experts are trying to find more natural ways to deal with them. People who suffer from such disorders are also trying to help themselves by finding what really works for them, individually.

This Woman Dedicates Herself To Inspiring People Around The World


That is how Heidi Williams, who was dealing with PTSD, depression, and anxiety, decided to use yoga to help herself get back on her feet.

“Efforts are underway to find non-pharmacologic therapies to relieve stress and anxiety, and yoga is one option for which results are promising.” (NCBI)

Heidi has succeeded in reducing her symptoms so now she tries to share her success with others like her and try to help them combat their illnesses. She also tries to inspire people “through self-healing and running support groups where people can connect with each other.” In addition, she also conducts therapeutic yoga classes and retreats designed for anxiety, PTSD, and depression, and uses social media to share her happiness and joy with the rest of the world. You can check her Instagram account to see her amazing photos and read some of her inspirational quotes.

Experts Also Recommend Mind-Body Therapies for Anxiety

Yoga can be really helpful in the treatment of anxiety, which has been proven by a 2011 analysis carried out by Harvard researchers. It has been shown that approximately six million Americans had been recommended by their health care providers to enroll in mind-body therapies such as meditation and yoga, and more than a third of those prescriptions were given to people with anxiety.

Yoga Helps To Reduce Anxiety



A large body of research indicates the many benefits of yoga. In fact, research carried out at John Hopkins University found that “there is consistent evidence that mindfulness yoga and meditation reduced the symptoms of anxiety to some degree.”

Staying In The Moment




If you decide to start practicing yoga, a combination of asana, pranayama (breathing techniques), and mindfulness (or meditation), is what both experts and scientists suggest to be the most effective technique.

What’s more, it has been found that meditative yoga can effectively reduce anxiety in women suffering from depression, those who are victims of violence, as well as veterans with PTSD.

Heidi Williams won’t stop combating her own anxiety and depression issues with her beautiful yoga poses, and at the same time she will always strive to inspire others to do the same.


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