Truths That Are Well-Known To All Moms Around The World

Here’s a list of everyday situations which happen to all mothers around the world:

  1. You start saying “we” for everything – “we got sick,” “we started eating,”, “our teeth have fallen out,” when you’re not even sick, you’re not eating, and no teeth of yours are falling out!
  2. You can manage to do more things in 7 minutes than other people do in a week.
  3. When your child is asleep, you are free to do whatever you like – clean your home, do the vacuuming, wash the dishes, dust your home…
  4. Whenever you go out with your friends, all you talk about is your kid.
  5. You have learnt to give your child injections at home, even though you had a fear of needles before.
  6. You can do many things simultaneously – cook, breastfeed, talk on the phone, watch TV, and many other things. Even the famous multitasking master, Julius Cesar, is nothing when compared to you.
  7. Sleeping excites you even more than having sex.
  8. You can hear your child sneeze even if the door is closed, it is late at night, and your husband is snoring.
  9. Baby/children clothes interest you more than those for grown-ups.
  10. Because you love them so much, you are ready to switch places with your child if they are sick, have a cold, or are in pain.
  11. Suddenly, you are aware of all the dangers outside your home.
  12. You can watch TV only for about 30 minutes, while your child is sleeping.
  13. Resting is the same as going shopping without your child.
  14. When your child learns to pee/poop on their own, you congratulate them as if they won a medal.
  15. You change your clothes more times than a teenager who is getting ready for a date does, because you always have some strange stains on them.
  16. You continue singing nursery rhymes and other children’s songs long after your child is asleep.
  17. Taking a 15-minute shower is almost like a spa treatment to you.

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