Wedding Guests Turn To See The Bride, Then She Stuns Them All By Pulling One Bold Move

Weddings are special and emotional events, and they can be even more touching when the couple to be married has really invested themselves in their wedding day. Most weddings are more or less alike, lacking certain individuality and personal touch. Nevertheless, there are some couples that manage to leave their guests aahing and oohing at their event. This one had one of those rare wedding moments where guests are simply stunned. The bride-to-be loving gesture made everyone praise their love.

Almost all women have always dreamt of their wedding day, what kind of dress they would wear, or how their wedding would look like. Although some parts of their vision of their wedding might have changed, one thing has certainly remained in their thoughts – this day has to be the most special day in their lives. That is why Mary Holand Tosse of Norway wanted to do something special for her future husband Ronny Eidsvik.

She was eager to spring it on her beloved fiancé and all of their guests. So once the heavy wooden doors were opened, and Mary slowly started entering the wedding ceremony on her father’s arm in a beautifully lit church to a traditional processional song played on the organ, suddenly everything came to a standstill.

She was hiding a microphone behind her back. When the music stopped, she pulled it out and began singing to her fiancé as she walked down the aisle, clasping her bouquet of pale yellow roses, her arm draped through her father’s.

She was so beautiful, wearing a stunning wedding dress with beaded and rhinestoned bodice that sparkled in the soft light. With a lilting voice, she started singing “You Raise Me Up,” a song originally composed by the Irish-Norwegian duo Secret Garden. It is a very popular song, recorded by more than 100 artists, including Josh Groban.

Many couples choose this song as their wedding song across the United Kingdom because of its lovely lyrics. Ronny was surprised and deeply touched by his fiancée’s gesture, which was clearly seen on his face. He was bursting with emotions, and the guests were also truly moved and impressed by her performance.

Everyone in the church was moved and fascinated by Mary’s loving gesture and stunning performance.

Watch the video below to witness the moving gesture and see who else joins in on the surprise!



Pettersen Medieproduksjon. (2015, August 8). Maria & Ronny Got Married, “The Surprise” – Ålesund Church – Norway. [Video File]

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