Your Kid can Drown in this Way Too – you Would have Never Guessed this

We have not paid much attention to this, but when you spend a day at the swimming pool, you later feel exhausted and very sleepy, especially if you are a child who has been active throughout the entire day.

This is the same reason why the mother Cassandra Jackson did not panic when her son told her he wanted to get some rest after he got back home from an entire day spent at the swimming pool.

Her son, Johnny, who was 10 years old, went to bed right after he got home from the exhausting day and his mother did not even stop to think that something just might be wrong with him. She later went on to check up on him and was surprised with what she saw.

The child had a lot of foam coming out of his mouth and he was having difficulties breathing. She rushed to take him into the emergency room immediately, and then she was told what actually happened to her son.

It was something called secondary drowning, and it was a condition which happened after you have swallowed a bit mount of water. This is something that happens in the next 72 hours from the time you swallowed the water.

Though it is considered to be extremely rare, if the symptoms are ignored, the secondary drowning may be fatal.

Every time when an adult or a child intakes a small amount of water the lungs are irritated and swelling is caused.

There is usually a very small amount of water present in the lungs when this secondary drowning happens, but it is more than enough to disrupt the function of the lungs and prevent the oxygen from getting into the bloodstream.

If your child has ever had a near drowning experience, or just happened to swallow too much water, keep a close eye on him or her in the next 72 hours in case the secondary drowning happens.

If it does, go to the hospital immediately. If you are looking for the symptoms, here they are – shortness of breath after bathing, excess fatigue when and after bathing and mood swings and irritability for no particular reason.


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